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When purchased (and at no additional cost to you) Amazon will donate as much as 10% to our sanctuary.

Located at the crossroads of campus, Ho Plaza serves as Cornell's town square.

We believe in offering the best quality products, in a friendly manner and, of course, at a reasonable price. We take them seriously into consideration in order to improve the operations of the restaurant.

Maximize your time on the mountain and enhance your experience with friends and family through Adventure, Guiding and Learning.

Here, between Willard Straight Hall and the Cornell Store, students chalk announcements of upcoming events and make their voices heard, hoisting signs and encouraging passers-by to sign petitions.

Day or night you'll find students on their way to and from class or the library.

Volume is turned on at night so you can hear the fruit bats vocalizing as well as the toys (babble balls) making funny noises.



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