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It is located on the Atlantic Ocean's Jersey Shore, between Asbury Park to the north and Bradley Beach to the south.Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Ocean Grove is noted for its abundant examples of Victorian architecture. Osborn, Reverend Stokes, and other Methodist ministers camped at a shaded, well-drained spot on New Jersey's seashore and decided to establish a permanent Christian camp meeting community called "Ocean Grove." In the summer of 1870, near the site of the first tabernacle, a well was dug to provide fresh water.Because Ocean Grove is a summer resort community and many residences are unoccupied during the winter months, these statistics may not be representative of the population at all times of the year.As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 3,342 people, 1,948 households, and 615.6 families residing in the CDP.Millions of people, tourists and pilgrims both, made the trip to Ocean Grove every summer." The social disillusionment around 1920 following World War I had a profound effect on Ocean Grove and church going in general.There was a decline in interest in camp meeting type activities and there was little in the way of new construction in the town after this time.


In 1877 alone, 710,000 railroad tickets were sold for the Ocean Grove-Asbury Park train station.

That meant the visitors were likely to be coming for a week-long visit or more.

Most came to attend programs sponsored by the Camp Meeting. Grant visited Ocean Grove during his time in office and made his last public appearance in this town.

This had a significant effect on the development of a close-knit community.

People looking to get away for the weekend typically avoided the Grove (the beach was closed on Sunday, too).By the early 20th century, said The New York Times in 1986, it was called the "Queen of Religious Resorts ...


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