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He’d arrive home in the afternoon—his lunch break when working the hotel desk—and then would come the knock, and in would come Whitey. Whitey said he was from Chicago, that he and his wife had no kids and they’d retired to Santa Monica in the 1990s. He mentioned his high blood pressure and that he sometimes traveled to Mexico to buy heart medication.There were the swipes at President Obama and opinions on local crime and public safety.Late one afternoon, Josh was walking around his apartment hugging his guitar while strumming a mix of blues and country.



In the lobby he spotted Whitey standing on the building’s front stoop, his back to the lobby, hands resting on the iron railing, just looking up and down the street.He said Josh could do a better job taking care of his scruffy beard and that he could strengthen his arms immeasurably if he used a certain piece of equipment. He gave Josh a curling bar, free weights, and a stomach crunching device.


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