Dating both twins chad ochocinco dating cheryl burke may

She said so you bought that phone for my twin sister?

she reveled to me diferent times i have made love to her thinking that she is my girl her twin. The fact that u said u are dating both twins at the same time shows that u are trying to doing something that u know is not right and yet u still stick to doing the deed.

I pleaded to her that we must put this to an end but she rufused that we must keep on dating and we will make it secret, but i cant date two of them. You could give it to Nolly wood though, maybe someone could Behind it up and come out with something better. Abi, how can i be dating a girl for as long as you are claiming to have dated her, her twin sister comes to ur place, and still u didn't know it was the twin sister? no matter what, even if my sister was a dozentuplet, i will still pick her out among all her others.

She never alow me to rest forcing me to tell her that i love her, distubing me on phone everyday. And i have been dating her sister for long bacause we all were in Enugu before i got admission in lagos, finished my education and was lucky to get i nice job in lagos u to hv bn dating her b4 u gat admission,after u finished skul and u re now workin, dahs a very long tyme for u not to kno someone wel whether identical twins or not, i really dont believe ur tale but if its really tru,then which kain twin sister b dat wey dey thief im sister bf?? Abeg pls modify this story of urs before u carry am go 51 iweka road onitsha, or since u said u dey Lag, re-read am well and make corrections before heading for idumota, okay?

It was when i asked her where is the phone i bought for you?

she was shocked, i realised that i have made love with the wrong partner.

I was so mad (I've heard about blond jokes and stuff, but I didn't think it was for real....hehehe) but later on the girl I met showed up, so everything was cool after that :)No, I haven't, but I'm an identical twin and she and I would never dream of dating the same man. (Morals go figure)Besides, we may be twins but we have such different tastes its hard to imagine being twins at all. The only time I got them mixed up was when I first met him, walked upstairs while he walked a completely different direction, and was chatting with his friends by their lockers at the top of the stairs where he shouldn't be! Unfortunately, because it was the wrong one, I ended up completely, utterly embarassed...

That girl looked at me funny like "Do I know you or something". His brother walked up behind me while I was playing video games, and I turned around and (being a slightly random and odd person) blew on his brothers stomoch to make the noise and generally annoy my bf..


Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / I Am Dating Two Twins By Mistake Please Help Me Out (6527 Views) See The Two Twins My Girlfriend Gave Birth To. / I Slept With My Boss Recently By Mistake But Now I Am..../ '' I Slept With My Brother-in-law By Mistake'' (1) (2) (3) (4) I have this my girl friend who has another identical twin sister, i found it dificult identifying them, firstly i was identifying them with their language bcs my girl speaks Anambra very well but the former does not.Now, her twin sister is in Anambra too both now speaks Anambra.Last week, her twin sister came to my house though, my girl told me she will be coming back to lagos that same week It was when i asked her where is the phone i bought for you?

she reveled to me diferent times i have made love to her thinking that she is my girl her twin. When the girl came in as u said, was she gagged or did the cat manage to grab her tongue before she got to ur place.and they now speaks the same language i usualy identify them with their language before now everything is the same. uspry1: I do not believe the story----it worth 2 cents. Every twins has different personalities, habits, and characteristics easily to detect the differences unless if twins set up to fool/take advantage of you in the name of MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! 118Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.


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