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The preview “content train” (as one blogger so eloquently put it) is on track and in motion for the Black Berry Classic.Today, that drool-worthy keyboard is spending some time in the spotlight.The great news for you is, in addition to the easy, familiar navigation made possible by the Classic Navigation Keys, the QWERTY keyboard comes with time-saving default shortcuts.Take advantage of these, or customize them to suit your personal needs.We show you a few favourite shortcuts that you can designed to boost your productivity.The keyboard on the Black Berry Classic, as you may have noticed, is reminiscent of the trusted (and imitated) Black Berry QWERTY keyboard found on the still-popular (and available) Black Berry Bold 9900.Those questions are hard to answer for some of these choices-- counting systems, for instance--to which we became committed in the remote past.But the QWERTY keyboard is a modern-day commitment, dating back only to the late nineteenth century, and thus it is one whose history we can reconstruct.

All of us have at one time or another felt trapped by such a commitment, longing for a happier, though uncertain, state of existence but fearing the short-term pain required to reach it.

Applied to keyboard design, such studies showed that typing fatigue, errors, and slow speed depend especially on bad design in allocating letters among keyboard rows, among fingers, and between the left and right hands.

When you prepare to type, you rest your fingers on QWERTY’s second-from-the-bottom row, called the home row.

At age ten I, like millions of Americans each year, memorized the QWERTY keyboard (as it is called from its starting arrangement of letters).

At the time, I didn’t wonder about its arbitrariness and never asked myself why our standard keyboard uses the QWERTY arrangement instead of alphabetical order or any other obviously advantageous arrangement.I'm pumped to have the opportunity to talk with you and bring you the latest and greatest from Inside Black Berry every day.


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