After all, she had those strong women role models in her family.

After graduating from UW-Madison, Laura gave it about five minutes of thought before moving to Chicago to work for the Art Institute.

But his grand daughter Laura would eventually revive the company name.

This sits above a shaped central drawer over knee hole flanked by two shaped mahogany lined drawers all with the original brass handles and beautifully cross banded and inlaid.

My grandmother, Lucile (Vogel) Grotta, graduated from Barnard.

Her daughter, Rose-Joan Grotta attended Smith and had her own employment agency in New York City, and her other daughter, Diana, earned her Masters from Cardinal Stritch as a reading specialist.” Her mother’s maiden name was Diana Grotta, whose Italian family went all the way back to the 16th century and the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy.

By the time Laura was born in 1956, it was a store featuring furniture for juveniles.

On her mother’s side, she says,“I had very strong role models.Laura has combined industry (silk screening, hand-dyeing) with artful touches on products designed primarily for the home and the women who run those homes.


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