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He was violent to her in every aspect of the word, as he filled her with fear and beat her with the same body that should have been used only to comfort and protect her.

She asked a vulnerable question, and got (sadly) the most typical response that I’ve seen from most Christian leaders: A wife’s purpose is “…to change her husband’s behavior, not kill the marriage.” Sadly, this is precisely why churches and pastors are NOT viewed as allies of victims and the first-line defenses (shelters and advocates) that assist victims of violence each day.

If you are a church leader, or just looking to make a difference, please join us in our movement to take the power of silence away from abusers.

Peace, Neil Schori Pastor Jeff Crippen has been ministering to victims of domestic violence for a number of years now.


In the context of domestic violence, this blurb is saying that it only takes one person to cooperate in a marriage to draw “your partner back into your arms:” Unlike most approaches to marriage crisis, the strategy in this groundbreaking classic does not require the willing cooperation of both spouses.This is also why there are still 8-10 women killed each day by their intimate partners. Churches should be the safest places on earth for victims of all kinds. My church is “safe place” and I’m working to help others become the same.



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