Edge petroleum liquidating trust trustee

We advise multinational corporations and assist them in the establishment, registration and restructuring of foreign investment enterprises locally.

We handle matters relating to equity and contractual joint ventures, wholly owned foreign enterprises and holding companies, financial and management agreements, shareholders agreements and all contractual matters relevant to the operations of our clients businesses locally and internationally.

Further, our Firm has been retained to advise clients on matters relating to multi-billion dollar joint exploration agreements, day-to-day exploration and production activities, applications for grant of petroleum rights, compliance with the statutory and regulatory framework, acquisition of petroleum rights, business establishment and structuring, due diligence investigations and risk management.




The Firm has been the natural choice and perfect fit for almost all parties seeking to explore, develop and grow Uganda's rich oil potential, as well as those seeking to acquire a stake in the concessions that have been issued by the Government of Uganda.We have represented different stakeholders such as: issuers, underwriters, agents, investment and venture funds, investors, brokers.



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