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After working in the late 1990s with researchers in the field of dating. Warren devised the e matching system, which has been very successful with its results ever since the site launched back in 2000.Individual investors came together to give a few million dollars during the site’s founding in order to give e the capital it needed to get started.However, unlike other online dating competitors, e’s matching system remains a force to be reckoned with and retains its’ consistent popularity ever since it was revealed back in the website’s early days.

Since e Harmony is one of the oldest online dating websites, it currently faces challenges from OKCupid and Plenty of Fish while adapting to the growth of new mobile applications dealing with dating such as Tinder and Bumble. Neil Clark Warren, recently stepped down as CEO of e and was replaced by Grant Langston in July of 2016. Langston is a former vice president of brand marketing who may be able to move the company forward in terms of competing with other online dating behemoths and to better improve the company’s advertising platform.

In every year of its’ existence, the company has shown exponential growth in both membership and revenue. Part of the reason why e Harmony has become so successful is just how good the matching system is and how much the large amount of testing helps them to find a compatible partner after setting up a profile.

The e Harmony questionnaire has become a mainstay in the matching system and is used by about fifteen thousand people per day who are new to the website. e Harmony is still going through changes after these past sixteen years of existence is still working on fool-proofing the auto-renewal system for members and making sure that members who want to leave are able to cancel their memberships without any problems.

This research facility helps make the algorithms and science behind matching the millions of members who use e Harmony every day.

In addition, e Harmony publishes dating advice in a different website known as e Harmony Advice in order to give tips to singles who are struggling in the dating game.

Warren decided to work towards a system, which would allow couples who had similar characteristics and personality traits to be able to find each other and start dating.


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