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The final section takes you through green lanes and open countryside back into the historic village of Hatfield Broad Oak» Walk Details This walk consists of two contrasting sections, a riverside stroll and a more hilly walk through farmland.

Follow the Stort River northwards as it meanders through the valley, passing locks and thatched cottages along the way.

Part of the route is the Three Forests Way, passing the 12th century church at Lambourne.

The views along the route are lovely and sometimes spectacular.

There is a fairly long stretch which involves walking straight across fields, which is best done before the fields are ploughed.» Walk Details As well as lovely views along the route, this walk is mostly remarkable for the peace, tranquillity and timelessness of the area.

The village of Matching has hardly changed since the 18th Century, and much of the field layout and the pattern of lanes, bridleways and footpaths are still as they were hundreds of years ago.

The path then switches to the 'Three Forests Way' where there are views over the valley.

The route joins the 'Stort Valley Way' through the golf course, and climbs the hill behind the historic Nazeing Park with more stunning scenic views.The terrain is hilly, and there is a mix of open meadow and ancient woodland.


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