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Voice, Live Video and Pictures are the big three media types when it comes to private single-cast messaging, so how do we secure those modes of communication?

The first security principal users should apply is don’t use a secure device for daily activities.

Now, the question we have before us is how to securely share our private moments with the people closest to us, without unduly risking future compromise?

Let’s apply security fundamentals to the problem and see how we can minimize risk and still provide for digitally mediated intimacy.

Therefore, I highly recommend getting a pair of devices dedicated to secure communication.

Besides the security advantages there is the issue of discretion, the device can be powered off until it can be used in a private setting, preventing embarrassing notifications or mis-sends and i OS allow you to give such a device extensive restrictions including the crucial ability to remotely wipe the device.

We break the letter of this rule daily with our desktop, laptop and mobile devices, because generally it only becomes a problem when a system is compromised.

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