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You should talk about topics involving the two of you, the places where you would want to take her and at least slowly give her hints that you like her. Of course you should ALWAYS be there for her when you feel that she likes you already.But during the initial stages of getting-to-know each other, your availability can determine your fate.


So if you are always around her you might just fall into the friend zone – so don’t overdo it.

During the 5th Philippine Gastronomic Festival in Sheraton Hotel in Porto Alegre, Chef Mely Maravilla prepared her Filipino-made dishes which Filipinos can be proud of anywhere in the world. Chef Mauro Souza commended, “It is great that even our clients here in the hotel really love it, and with this festival we can bring a lot of our customers to present to them the Filipino foods.

And it is being announced and the clients are very curious and it is very great.”Chef Mely said that cooking good food is really her passion and she continues to learn from her mentor.“I hope they’ll like it.

She says her anger wasn't directed at the Filipino community but toward her neighbor.

Manawat admits he's not the perfect neighbor either but says his neighbor crossed the line."I'll miss certain things around my yard, but that doesn't mean you have to go off on my culture and nationality," he says.Be there when she least expects it and surprise her with chocolates at her desk and I promise you won’t regret it.


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