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Let me ask you, is .99 an unreasonable price to pay for a high-quality fetish movie?Earlier you reviewed a couple movies and made the comment "I wouldn't recommend paying any actual money to see either." One can interpret that a few ways; it's none of my business if you only seek out free stuff off the net. So if you're used to paying nothing, anything you pay for is going to be more than you usually spend on entertainment, right? I haven't been around much of late, and hope to rectify that in 2012, but let me thank everyone for the great reviews and posts.And congratulations to the cast and crew of for what appears to be an outstanding film.



My personal answer is that I seldom ever buy memberships, but I think is reasonable for those. The rape videos that sold for apiece from Hardcore Abductions weren't worth it.In the past, I'd have no problem spending over 0 a month on GIMP-related material.But times have definitely changed in my life, especially the priorities for my finances.Nowadays, I might go as high as a month, but even that figure is shrinking.

I haven't bought a membership to anything recently as nothing new has really rung my bell and there's just so much legitimitely (not file-sharing) free stuff out there to satisfy my needs.Akin to how the internet affected video, for example, or in turn how video affected adult theaters.


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