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For 20 people tonight there's an empty bed in each of their houses... Adding: 'Unfortunately hatred is winning - it won't win though but at the moment it is.'A visibly shaken Jason paid tribute to the courageous emergency services who rushed to the scene to save lives.

While most people were fleeing the scene, they were running towards the danger zone he said.

'And to those legends who made me proud to be Mancunian by offering rooms and lifts home in people's desperate hour of need.

Made me realise that although they think these events make us weaker, they actually bring us together as a community and eventually make us stronger.'He added: 'My thoughts also go to Ariana Grande who must be absolutely devastated.'My children adore her and she must be inconsolable today.

Unable to hold back his tears, Jason explained his five children are fans of the American pop singer, and that had he known she was performing it was likely he would have taken them.

It was at that point the comedian broke down in tears.'They want your life to change.


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