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14-190.16 (first degree sexual exploitation of a minor), G. 14-190.17 (second degree sexual exploitation of a minor), G. 14-190.17A (third degree sexual exploitation of a minor), G. 14-202.1 (taking indecent liberties with children), G. 14-202.3 (Solicitation of child by computer or certain other electronic devices to commit an unlawful sex act), G. 14-202.4(a) (taking indecent liberties with a student), G. 14-205.2(c) or (d) (patronizing a prostitute who is a minor or a mentally disabled person), G. 14-205.3(b) (promoting prostitution of a minor or a mentally disabled person), G. 14-318.4(a1) (parent or caretaker commit or permit act of prostitution with or by a juvenile), or G. 14-318.4(a2) (commission or allowing of sexual act upon a juvenile by parent or guardian). The sheriff shall provide the registrant with written proof of registration at the time of registration. (2) Obtain the registration information required under G. 14-208.7(b)(1), (2), (5), (6), and (7), as well as the address where the person expects to reside upon the person's release. 14-208.7 shall notify the sheriff of the county with whom the person is registered of the person's place of employment and temporary residence, which includes a hotel, motel, or other transient lodging place, if the person meets both of the following conditions: (1) Is employed or carries on a vocation in a county in the State other than the county in which the person is registered for more than 10 business days within a 30-day period, or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year, on a part-time or full-time basis, with or without compensation or government or educational benefit. (d) Any person required to register under this section shall report in person at the appropriate sheriff's office to comply with the registration requirements set out in this section. (a) At least 10 days, but not earlier than 30 days, before a person who will be subject to registration under this Article is due to be released from a penal institution, an official of the penal institution shall do all of the following: (1) Inform the person of the person's duty to register under this Article and require the person to sign a written statement that the person was so informed or, if the person refuses to sign the statement, certify that the person was so informed.(1i) "Internet" means the global information system that is logically linked together by a globally unique address space based on the Internet Protocol or its subsequent extensions; that is able to support communications using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol suite, its subsequent extensions, or other Internet Protocol compatible protocols; and that provides, uses, or makes accessible, either publicly or privately, high-level services layered on the communications and related infrastructure described in this subdivision. (1n) "Online identifier" means electronic mail address, instant message screen name, user ID, chat or other Internet communication name, but it does not mean social security number, date of birth, or pin number. A detention facility operated under the jurisdiction of the Section of Prisons of the Division of Adult Correction of the Department of Public Safety; b. A final conviction in another state of an offense, which if committed in this State, is substantially similar to an offense against a minor or a sexually violent offense as defined by this section, or a final conviction in another state of an offense that requires registration under the sex offender registration statutes of that state. A final conviction in a federal jurisdiction (including a court martial) of an offense, which is substantially similar to an offense against a minor or a sexually violent offense as defined by this section. The sheriff may charge a reasonable fee for duplicating costs and for mailing costs when appropriate. Failure to register; falsification of verification notice; failure to return verification form; order for arrest. (2) Fails to notify the last registering sheriff of a change of address as required by this Article. (4) Forges or submits under false pretenses the information or verification notices required under this Article. (10) Fails to inform the registering sheriff of any new or changes to existing online identifiers that the person uses or intends to use. (a2) A person arrested pursuant to subsection (a1) of this section shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the prosecutorial and judicial district that includes the sheriff's office in the county where the person failed to register, pursuant to this Article. (c) A person who is unable to meet the registration or verification requirements of this Article shall be deemed to have complied with its requirements if: (1) The person is incarcerated in, or is in the custody of, a local, State, private, or federal correctional facility, (2) The person notifies the official in charge of the facility of their status as a person with a legal obligation or requirement under this Article and (3) The person meets the registration or verification requirements of this Article no later than 10 days after release from confinement or custody. Duty to report noncompliance of a sex offender; penalty for failure to report in certain circumstances.(1j) "Mental abnormality" means a congenital or acquired condition of a person that affects the emotional or volitional capacity of the person in a manner that predisposes that person to the commission of criminal sexual acts to a degree that makes the person a menace to the health and safety of others. A detention facility operated under the jurisdiction of another state or the federal government; or c. A final conviction for an offense against a minor, a sexually violent offense, or an attempt to commit any of those offenses unless the conviction is for aiding and abetting. (a) A person required by this Article to register who willfully does any of the following is guilty of a Class F felony: (1) Fails to register as required by this Article, including failure to register with the sheriff in the county designated by the person, pursuant to G. (3) Fails to return a verification notice as required under G. (5) Fails to inform the registering sheriff of enrollment or termination of enrollment as a student. (9) Fails to notify the registering sheriff of out-of-county employment if temporary residence is established as required under G. (a1) If a person commits a violation of subsection (a) of this section, the probation officer, parole officer, or any other law enforcement officer who is aware of the violation shall immediately arrest the person in accordance with G. 15A-401, or seek an order for the person's arrest in accordance with G. If the arrest is made outside of the applicable prosecutorial district, the person shall be transferred to the custody of the sheriff of the county where the person failed to register and all further criminal and judicial proceedings shall be held in that county. If upon a conviction for a violation of this Article, no active term of imprisonment is imposed, the court pronouncing sentence shall, at the time of sentencing, conduct the notification procedures specified under G. (a) It shall be unlawful and a Class H felony for any person who has reason to believe that an offender is in violation of the requirements of this Article, and who has the intent to assist the offender in eluding arrest, to do any of the following: (1) Withhold information from, or fail to notify, a law enforcement agency about the offender's noncompliance with the requirements of this Article, and, if known, the whereabouts of the offender.


The General Assembly also recognizes that persons who commit certain other types of offenses against minors, such as kidnapping, pose significant and unacceptable threats to the public safety and welfare of the children in this State and that the protection of those children is of great governmental interest. If the sheriff is notified by the sexual offender that he or she intends to remain in this State, the sheriff shall promptly report this information to the Department of Public Safety. Whether the person still resides at the address last reported to the sheriff. The sheriff shall retain the original registration form and other information collected and shall compile the information that is a public record under this Part into a county registry. (c) When a person registers, the sheriff with whom the person registered shall immediately send the registration information to the Department of Public Safety in a manner determined by the Department of Public Safety.The communication is conveyed via computers connected over a network such as the Internet. 14-202(d), (e), (f), (g), or (h), or a second or subsequent conviction for a violation of G. 14-202(a), (a1), or (c), only if the court sentencing the individual issues an order pursuant to G. (f) If a person required to register changes his or her name pursuant to Chapter 101 of the General Statutes or by any other method, then the person shall, within three business days, report in person to the sheriff of the county with whom the person registered to provide the name change to the sheriff. (b) Any person may obtain a copy of an individual's registration form, a part of the county registry, or all of the county registry, by submitting a written request for the information to the sheriff.

(1h) "Institution of higher education" means any postsecondary public or private educational institution, including any trade or professional institution, college, or university. The term also includes the following if the person convicted of the following is not the minor's parent: a solicitation or conspiracy to commit any of these offenses; aiding and abetting any of these offenses. The sheriff shall immediately forward this information to the Department of Public Safety. However, the identity of the victim of an offense that requires registration under this Article shall not be released.

The General Assembly recognizes that sex offenders often pose a high risk of engaging in sex offenses even after being released from incarceration or commitment and that protection of the public from sex offenders is of paramount governmental interest. (b1) A person who indicates his or her intent to reside in another state or jurisdiction and later decides to remain in this State shall, within three business days after the date upon which the person indicated he or she would leave this State, report in person to the sheriff's office to which the person reported the intended change of residence, of his or her intent to remain in this State. (3) The verification form shall be signed by the person and shall indicate the following: a.


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