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But those who paid with credit card only wanted .83.In other studies, the authors also found that cash users are also less interested in the options they did not select.When the bill is actually paid (say, once every month), the shopper is not able to attribute the payment to any one particular purchase.Because of these two reasons, people overspend when using credit cards.One recent industry study found that only 14% of American consumers use cash for everyday purchases.And another 2014 survey reported that just 9% of people preferred to use cash. But if a credit card gets stolen, a call to the bank will fix the problem.

using a credit card comes from recent consumer psychology research studying the links between payment method and shopper behavior.

But today, a vast majority of Americans make purchases with credit or debit cards. And more broadly, does it matter how you pay for your purchases?

(Well, maybe not drugs, but that’s a different blog post for another day.) The benefits of using a credit card are obvious. Well, it turns out that it does matter, and in rather interesting and important ways.

Cash is frowned upon as slowing things down, outdated, and suspicious, “smelling like weed,” suitable only for buying drugs.


Sweden is on its way to becoming completely "cash-free" and other countries are sure to follow.

There are many signs that the world is moving towards a cashless economy.



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