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In its simple form was the automated message a customer would get when calling a company and being told to press this number or that one for the department you wanted.

Or, to speak your request and the machine would direct your query.

With one being able to understand the user, and the second being able to respond in a language they will understand.

It is clear to see that a Chatbot that is running off of the SILVIA system is full of intelligence while other Chatbots that have to be supplied with response data are basically full of chat.

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There are Chatbots based on human intelligence that do more than sound and act like a programmed robot When most people are exposed to some type of technology event they are mesmerized by what they see.


This is why many may form the opinion that Chatbots in slang terms are just full of chit.What is the real truth about the credibility of Chatbots?Consumer education of how a Chatbot works may be more advantageous than as to why it works when it comes to the end user.The challenge knows that there are different forms of AI and knowing what works the best when it comes to customer service gives the business the confidence in being able to inform their clientele that they are making their customer service an even greater user experience.

A good example of a more advanced form of AI would be SILVIA produced by silvia4u.

Plus, a system like SILVIA has no language barriers.


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