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For this album, Show and his partner Rainie Yang teamed up with Tourism Australia to film a short romance film featuring tourist attractions in Melbourne, Tasmania, and Sydney.


He worked with Jolin Tsai for the first lead dance track "Destined Guy" and filmed the music video with her.The boy band quickly disbanded as two members left for compulsory military service, which Show was exempted from because he has Gluteal Fibrotic Contracture (commonly known as frog extremity).Despite his athletic abilities and endurance, he also suffers from Mitral insufficiency, so he cannot consume any foods containing caffeine.For the album, he sang a full length English song for the first time, "Twinkle", with Japanese singer Koda Kumi.

Show released his fifth album Show Your Dance on November 16, 2007; he sang the duet "Defeat in Love" with Elva Hsiao. His first Japanese single "Dante" was released on February 15, 2012.That same year, he formed the group ROMEO with Ou Di.


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