Joely richardson dating john hensley

But even the most level-headed actress can go a bit bonkers on a photo shoot. There are moments in Nip/Tuck where there's a side shot of me and I think, 'Look at the size of that nose!


Going back to the 'famous family' thing, there's always the idea that if you come from a theatre/film background then it's easier for you, but in my twenties it was very, very difficult to find jobs." Richardson is almost unrecognisable as Wallis.

All that stuff's out there and I simply cannot bear to look at it." Today she still regards London's Bayswater as home, but spends six months of the year in Los Angeles (when she's filming Nip/Tuck, her 12-year-old daughter, Daisy, lives with her ex-husband, the film producer Tim Bevan). She admits she has already given most people their Christmas presents. I'm turning into Monica from Friends." In fact she never intended to become an actress.


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