Kissing toads and other hazards of dating

Considering that this man has essentially messed you around for three years, is a few sentiments that are not backed up with any concrete action all it takes for theis guy to suck you back in? He told you those things to weaken you because he knows that traditionally, all talk and very little action of substance, is all it has taken to bring you around to his way of thinking.He told you these things to get you into bed and to prove to you and to him that the door is still open for him to step in and out of your life. He’s too up his own bum and self involved to do that!He is ignoring my messages and just seems to have disappeared.Now he’s cut contact with me and it’s not supposed to be like this!Always remember, if you engage with Mr Unavailable, no matter what you think, you’re playing on his rules and he will only do things that are self serving.The first thing that Fallback Girls that cut contact or break up with Mr Unavailables need to learn is to stop being soft touches.


You don’t need to know why he has behaved like this – you can figure this out for yourself.Visiting the Sea Park is sure fun, unless you're poor Bubbles the Dolphin!


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