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Ribs for Kids is Petaluma's premier rib competition, and their biggest fundraiser for the year- proceeds help Petaluma Active 20-30 in their mission to help local children in need.When: Saturday, June 24th, 2017 12pm to pm Where: First Presbyterian Church of Petaluma 939 B Street, Petaluma 94952For more information about the event, e-mail [email protected] go to their website of: Laurie Figone is an award-winning chef, TV personality, and author.Sonoma County officials have let Donecker and Cal Sites operate without incident until recently, when the two asked the zoning board to change the pending permit application to include commercial in order to support Verizon Wireless services, Ferrera said.Instead, in their latest ruling, county zoning commissioners unanimously rejected his request for a conditional, commercial permit extension.Depending on the board's ruling, these commercial services will not be allowed to operate from the English Hill tower, and public-safety agencies may be forced to find another telecom site to support first responder communications.


In addition, neighbors moving into the area — buying houses averaging 0,000 — have complained the tower is unsightly and an eyesore against the rural northern California landscape of 85-foot Cypress trees.

The land currently is zoned for agricultural and residential use only, said Dave Hardy, a supervising planner at the Sonoma County Permit Resource Department.



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