My best friend online dating

We have gone through some very tough times, and there are times we shouldn't have gone through but we have found a way to get through it all.

He hasn't stopped listening, caring, having his arms open for me to cry in, or stopped putting a smile on my face.

Funny thing was that at that time I was the one who had a huge crush on him but he was the biggest jerk to me (okay not that big of a jerk, but still).


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I was probably going through the most hardest break up and I was crying in class, something I've never done.

He was there, listening, but when I looked up at him I saw tears and anger in his eyes something I had never seen.

Once we would break up with that person we would talk to each other and say, "I told you so" and laugh.


It was my freshman year and his 8th grade year that we got really close even though I hated who he was dating.I think if he would of asked me out any time sooner things wouldn't have worked out. Thank you for loving me the way you do, for being there for me in my darkest times, for being one of my #1 fans, for pushing me past my limits and fears, thank you for still being my childhood best friend.


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