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Gathering intelligence on advanced and targeted attacks that hit your networks is vital, but it’s not enough.Cisco Umbrella gives you the power to block newly-detected threats beyond the network perimeter, everywhere your employees work.Practitioners can create basic scripts using Umbrella’s documented APIs.Your scripts automate sending indicators of compromise (IOCs) contained in a threat feed, SIEM, or incident response process to Umbrella’s platform.


Smart phones, point-of-sale (POS) systems, desktops and security cameras all rely on DNS to connect to the network and external sites.

Through integration partnerships, Umbrella extends and enforces the local intelligence from your existing security stack to protect your employees on any device, both on-premises and off-network.

Using new APIs designed for partners and practitioners, Umbrella automatically validates and globally enforces your local intelligence from multiple sources.

These inline blocking capabilities do not slow down or disrupt Internet connectivity and applications, so employees will not seek a way around your security controls. For mobile employees with Windows, Mac or i OS devices, deploy a lightweight agent. The policies are enforced and stay up-to-date in the cloud.

For managed networks, just change one IP address on routers, wireless access points, or DNS servers.We provide security enforcement at the Internet’s DNS layer that prevents Internet connections in real-time.


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