Not dating until after college

Kids should be taught that picking a mate is a lot like going to the grocery store - there's a lot of things to choose from versus choosing something from one shelf in the store.“Just so you know, I’m not going to have sex with you.”Those were my famous last words to the first guy I dated after graduating from college.Guys no longer come to the door with flowers, but instead, text when to meet up at a mutual place.Many aspects of dating have changed, but there still good guys out there.Other friends who were raised the same way I was had traded in their V-cards in college, but I stayed firm on my stance.I didn’t make a big deal about it—I just planned to wait until I was married to do it.In fact, the way I learned about sex was through a Christian book my mom gave me that also stated that, , sex is a married people thing.

Until one day, I realized that my virginity was just a technicality and I wasn’t sure why I was still holding onto the notion that I was a bad person if I did it before I said, “I do.” I was dating my first post-college boyfriend at the time and realized I kind of didn’t care anymore.

They buy me drinks without looking at their bank accounts until the weekend is over. They text me first if they are interested and commit to me quickly if it is, in fact, right. And, to anyone who thinks differently, I challenge you to spend one night with me so I can prove it.

I graduated from college only last year, so I’m still in that phase of life where I don’t look at it through rose-tinted glasses.

Many of us girls go through that phase when we completely hate men and blame today's culture, saying things along the lines of, "There are no good ones left." Or, "No one has any respect anymore."This is false.

Yes, the culture has changed quite a bit from the days of our parents courting one another and asking permission to go on dates.See, college was fun and fantastic, for sure, but it was also depressing and cringe-worthy. To be fair, I was aware of this for most of college, but not my freshman year. ” Listen, being completely closed off to marriage is actually just as bad as jumping into it too quickly.


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