Obscure dating sites

They are presented in no particular order, but I assure you that at least one or two will get stuck in your brain. Studebaker made commercial vehicles starting in 1914 up through 1964.

And to be clear, that is exactly my intention: to not just expand your knowledge, but to sway you into buying a vintage truck. Going commercial was a logical step for Studebaker back then, as it was already highly regarded for its horse carriages and had a loyal customer base in farm and industrial communities across the nation.

By any chance is your dream for 2016 related to finding a great guy to play with and share your life with?

If so, these 12 New Year's Dating Resolutions are an awesome beginning for making those dreams come true.

You were having fun and then out of nowhere, he ended your time together for no reason at all? The judge bangs the gavel declaring you officially divorced, and your friends want to make you feel better by telling you what a catch you are and that it won't be long before another man comes into your life.

What they can't do is tell you exactly how to attract, date and keep a man at this time in your life.

I have been dating off and on for about a year now.

He was then deployed to Iraq (that is what I get for dating a younger man).So, yeah, we know you've scoped the hotties on Tinder and Ok Cupid but have you ever tried Sizzl?The dating app, geared towards bacon lovers, is one of many tools that have sprung up recently for people looking to find dates -- and love -- within a super niche community.Just remember to arrange your plans before the flight takes off and you have to put your phone in airplane mode. Look no further than this site, which lets you auction yourself off for a date with the highest bidder. Yes -- but at least you have the chance to get a little cash and not just unsolicited dick pics.

While just about every car geek is familiar with classic pickups like the '40 Ford, Series 1 and 2 Chevys, and perhaps even more unique 4x4s by Marmon-Herrington (mostly for Ford) and Napco (mostly for Chevy and GMC), chances are many are unaware of the niche orphans and forgotten variants on this list.

There were even a few "woodie wagon" versions offered in the earliest days of production.



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