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There are a few situations where this happens: Is helpful if a partner helped to pay for property that ended up in the other partner’s name.

This will arise if the parties had an agreement that they would share in the ownership of the property even though it was only in one partner’s name.

^ TOP ^ Family Law Act Adult interdependent partners can apply to the Court for exclusive possession of household goods and the primary home.

Household goods are defined as any personal property that is owned and enjoyed by one or more of the parties or any children living in the primary home.

If the court is satisfied that all of these requirements are met, a constructive trust can be ordered.

The party who suffered the loss is entitled to compensation or a share in their partner’s property.

Half a dozen local bargaining units have reached agreements with their employers, and all the agreements contain improvements for teachers, said Sandra Johnston, co-ordinator of the Teacher Welfare program area of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

In order to get a Court to recognize ‘unjust enrichment’ and make a property distribution, you must be able to show three things: Generally, common law relationships must last a number of years before a constructive trust action will be successful.There are a few important exceptions to this rule: 1) Land held in joint names Where parties have bought property together and both parties are registered in title, both parties are legal owners.



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