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However, I buy your point completely that I should have mentioned in the post. Also please suggest any inde or SP in budget of 6-8 k for 2-3 hrs. Banking on you bros during my visit to the mongers paradise Delhi. R) whose contact I got from locanto, was shown certain pictures, choose miss J (pics attached) for 2 sessions. I was little skeptical if the girl shown in pics will come as my previous experiences haven't been so good. So probably some monger has saved it by that name so that others are not suspicious.

At got a call from her driver and they were waiting outside the hotel. As long as you received it from a trusted source, it should be okay.

From what I could search on Google theres not really any definitive answer as to it being safe / unsafe. I joined just today hence don't have PM facility yet.

I really would like to know as I like to get the girls I'm with raring to go and DATY would be great. Sappulmo brother, I am in complete agreement with you on sharing.

In 2015, former 'Bigg Boss' contestant Bobby Darling underwent a sex-change operation in Bangkok and tied the knot with Bhopal-based businessman Ramnik Sharma in the following year.

Post her marriage with Ramnik, Bobby Darling gave herself a new identity- Pakhi Sharma. However, according to Bobby absconded from her in-law's house from Bhopal to her maternal home in Delhi for some respite.

She added, "I have faced a lot of domestic violence.

I still can't move my left hand freely and limp while walking. I would cry like a child and pee in my clothes while pleading with him to stop hitting me." However, Bobby always displayed a blissful marriage experience on the social media sites.

"Ramnik would beat me up after getting drunk and accuse me of having extramarital affairs with every second man. He made me give him co-ownership of my flat in Mumbai, and did the same when we bought our penthouse in Bhopal.

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He also bought a SUV using my money immediately after the marriage. He had paid the building's security guards to keep an eye on me, and they would inform him of all my moves.


He kept a tab on who I spoke with and where I went.For the experienced members I had a query as for the safety while performing DATY.


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