Pirate dating sim

These captives need to be kept in a docile state through a combination of intimidation and order, and it's also a good idea to keep them relatively well fed and housed - less desperate captives are less likely to attempt escape.Captives gradually acquire skills as you put them to work in the different installations around the island, and you can also recruit new pirates from the captive population by press-ganging them into service on a ship.


While that might be more than enough pirate-speak for everyone, we’ve got some pretty awesome stuff coming in the land of pirate games.

Your task is to build an island community which supplies everything needed to keep your pirates happy, and of course to fill your coffers with gold by sending out ships on raiding missions - while at the same time striving to keep your location secret from the fleets of the British, Spanish and French, who are obviously keen to shut you down so you stop nicking their pieces of eight.



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