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Bartender Candidate must be legal to serve alcohol.

Must have excellent repertoire of classic cocktails in addition to some working knowledge of eclectic “mixology”, craft beer and premium spirits as well as strong foundation for wine knowledge, may require food service. Must maintain flexible schedule and able to work any shift.

Conduct Safety inspections as a Safety Committee member. Must maintain flexible schedule and able to work any shift or overtime.

Dish Attendant Maintain the highest levels of cleanliness with service wares for the Bar and Dining Room. Maintain the dish machine with a sense of ownership. Kitchen Janitor Working knowledge of kitchen equipment and operation is a benefit. Conduct Safety inspections as a Safety Committee member.

This position will include Safety Committee Chair Person.

Must maintain flexible schedule and able to work any shift and any assigned task.

The uniform crime reports program represents approximately 309 million American residents, which results in 98% coverage of metropolitan statistical areas.

Rams Hill Yacht Club Sous Chef Motivated and self starting with responsibilities for high quality food service production, safety and sanitation, Supervisory responsibilities in the heart of the house and cutting edge creativity.

Must maintain flexible schedule and able to work any shift. Line Cook Must be able to take direction and work in a fast paced food production environment. Must be able to rotate through Broiler, Sauté, Vegetable Prep, and Cold Side.The cost of living, once a relative bargain for California coastal cities, is no longer low.Commute times have risen and air quality problems have worsened.The economy has typically been strong and the city is well endowed with arts and recreational amenities.


This has drawn the crowds, including retirees, overseas and domestic migrants, and migrants from other parts of California.Communicate with the Kitchen as needed for any special request. Must maintain flexible schedule and able to work any shift. Clubhouse Greeter Welcoming guests into the Clubhouse and directing as needed or seating them for Food and Beverage.


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