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Grifo rebelled yet again, in alliance with the Bretons.He fled to Lombardy to join Aistulf King of the Lombards but was caught and killed while he was passing the Alps by "Theudoeno comite Viennenseet Frederico Ultraiurano comite". ] du Mans [790]: the Annales Laurissenses record that "rex Carolus" installed "primogenitum filium suum Carolum" in "ultra Sequanameducatum Cenomannicum" but that this reverted to his father in the summer of the same year The Miracula Sancti Bernardi names "Odonem fratremque illius Guillelmum, comitem Blesensium, Teutonem denique abbatem Sancti Martini, Guidonem comitem Cenomanensem" among those killed in battle against Lambert Comte de Nantes Rorgo comes donated predium..pago Andecavo in condita Maciacense..Valegia....No other reference to this invasion has been found nor any indication how long the occupation lasted, although considering the Viking successes during the 870s reported earlier such an occupation would not be surprising.This Ragenold has not yet been linked to any other reference.Maisnisias, which genitor meus Gauzlinus et mater mea Adeltrudis habuerunt, to the abbey of Saint-Maur-sur-Loire (later known as Glanfeuil) in which germanus noster Gausbetus..filium nostrum Gauslinum followed the religious life, confirmed by Dodon Bishop of Anjou by charter dated 1 Mar 839, signed by Rortgonis comitis, Bilechildis uxoris eius, Gausberti fratris eius...Rotrud's relationship with Rorico [I] is confirmed by the Annales Bertiniani which record the death "867 V Id Ian" of "Hludowicus abbas monasterii et nepos Karoli imperatoris ex filia maiori natu Rohtrude"The Annales Bertiniani record that "Guntfridus et Gozfridus" defected to "Salomonem, Britonum ducem" in 861, and persuaded Louis ("le Bgue"), son of Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks, to join them in 862, although they also record that King Charles II pardoned "Gozfridum et Roricum atque Heriveum" in 863.



"Pippinus rex Francorum" confirmed a donation to Fulrad Abbot of Saint-Denis by charter dated 1 Mar 752 which names "fidelibus nostris Milone, Rotgario, Cheimgaudo, Crothardo, Gerichardo, Autgario et Wiberto comite palatii nostri"), the bishopric was vacant for some years due to conspiracies and quarrels (annos aliquos, propter imminentes seditiones et rixas) during which time "Rothgarius quidam comes et filius eius Karivius" held power in the bishopric. The Actus pontificum Cenomannis records that, during the period when "Rothgarius quidam comes et filius eius Karivius" held power in the bishopric, against the wishes of the people they sent "quendam...clericum inlitteratum et indoctum, qui filius erat Rothgarii et frater Hervei...The Annales Bertiniani record that "Hugo abba et Gauzfridus cum Transsequanis" fought "Nortmannis in Ligeri" in 869, and that "Hugo abba monasterii sancti Martini et Gozfridus cum ceteris Trans-Sequanis" attacked Nortmanni at their stronghold in insulam Ligeris in 871 but were defeated.


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