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Unless otherwise specified, all percentages are from the Elite Singles 'Books' survey, 2017 and the 'Bookshelf' survey, 2015.

Data collected from two groups of 8 singles; participants from Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

(If you miss an issue, don't worry: just log onto for additional photos and videos.) As an added attraction, we called back a dozen standouts from previous years who do sexy better than just about anybody else.

Some go back to our first year of Sexy Singles coverage, in 2003.

By sharing your tastes you can show and share your inner world.’’ Salama says that this popularity shows that ‘’reading is an easy passion to share with [your] partner’’ – which makes it the kind of common ground that cements a great relationship! Are you ready to start a new chapter in your love life?



And, yes, we've included up-to-date contact information.

Considering the current world climate, this result seems particularly interesting.

What’s more, the second book in the running, as selected by a further third of participants, is George Orwell’s dystopian political commentary 1984.

We've invited them all to join us at our annual Sexy Singles Party. Thursday at Parx Casino, 2999 Street Road, Bensalem. West was in the very first group of Sexy Singles featured in the back in 2003.


The cost is in advance (register at and at the door. His hair is a whole lot longer now, but he's still bringing the sexy — and then some. Website: Donavan [email protected]: Donavan SWest Jennifer Sherlock Sexy Singles Class of 2011 Hoodie and Heels, and Hair of the Dog, are just two of the big bashes that Jennifer Sherlock, president of Jenna Communications, represents.

Elite Singles Psychologist, Salama Marine maintains that an interest in 'quieter' hobbies like reading can suggest that 'your date is a balanced, independent individual with something to offer - which tends to appeal to singles, especially early on in the relationship.' So we’re all in agreement then - reading After asking over 1,700 participants the above question, Elite Singles have discovered that the number one most attractive genre is thrillers.


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