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one day you make plans late into the evening, another day you get out and come back extra late, another day you call your friends, another day you have them come over, another day you clean up your appartment... Is meeting people (and eventually/hopefully someday someone special) supposed to take up all your free time like that?and on the week-end you go shopping for nicer clothes! Does it have to be a life committing choice before you even met the person you might eventually want to commit to?I saw this interesting article about all these dating websites, like e Harmony and the like, and how when it comes to dating across cultural lines, very few people, percentage-wise, are electing to consider dating someone that doesn't look like them.I was actually surprised by that to tell you the truth.


Now some will argue that this is still not necessarily racism, but rather for some, a fear of what others around them might think and therefore it is simply the avoidance of unnecessary problems. I do think for a lot of people it is too much to have to deal with society's judgments, which unfortunately, do still exist when it comes to certain types of relationships. To purposely not check a certain box signifying a certain group of people that you would consider dating, by definition means you are making assumptions about that group and everybody in it.


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