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It runs more than 5 years now, and we have published several papers since then.

The instrument worked within specifications from the first day and we really appreciate the excellent attocube support throughout the years!

reflectivity, up-conversion and of course luminescence. You can control polarization of the light independently at detection and excitation ports.

Besides, the first-class support from attocube in developing new experimental setups has been really excellent!Support from attocube engineers was always very prompt and efficient.The system is now operated since two years and I must say that it has been the cornerstone of the rapid development of scanning probe magnetometry in our group.The compatibility with previous versions of CFM-line microscopes and the plug-and-play operation without cryogenic liquids make atto DRY1000 a really attractive alternative to conventional cryogenic spectroscopy in bath cryostat systems.

Thanks to the cryogen free operation and superb mechanical and thermal stability, unattended data acquisition overnight had never been so easy.

The turn-key, yet custom-made design saved us a great deal of time.


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