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There is a short flashback of their days in elementary school 8 years ago. And so she finally decides to do it and make her be his number one.


She continues to shoot him down about his dreams but he remains passionate about it. Well, his parents are out of town for an overnight trip and tomorrow has no school. For the sake of his, uhm, their dream, stay for the night! I’m sure that he assuring he only likes 2D girls doesn’t sound that assuring. Utaha enters his very clean room and starts teasing him with a little flirt. 30 seconds into the interview, she’s already dozing off… Anyway the interview didn’t go anywhere even with all those energy drinks. He wants her to decide on the ending and doesn’t want it to become an ending that reflects his opinions. Since it is late and the last train has already departed, After shower… Like as though she’s hinting that he chose a plain character other than her to be his main heroine.

Anyway, Tomoya wants her to join his circle as an illustrator because she is a very good one. I’m sure he is calling Megumi for another sleepover session but she can’t. By the time she gets back, that’ll be his deadline. So his place is the ideal place to work on her erotic manga? Each time he hits a dead end (which is very soon always), he takes a break doing something else. Seems Megumi came back a few days ago after telling her parents she needed to help meet a deadline. Eriri designed her dress while Utaha became the strict director teaching her how to act. Because Eriri is being contradicting herself by not caring about him and yet helping him, Utaha warns her to fix that attitude of hers or she’ll regret it later. So shock that Utaha suddenly starts writing a yandere route! Utaha is done with her scenario as Tomoya narrates it. A chance meeting of a guy and a girl at the hill slope. Although she is grateful, Tomoya can’t accompany her home because there is somewhere he needs to go now. We see some flashbacks of Utaha recognizing Tomoya at a book signing ceremony because he was ranting away and waxing lyrical about her characters. Then they talk about the plot which he thinks needs to focus more on the heroine’s current life and happiness instead of her past life.


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