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Some were planning to attend an upcoming Flash Pack trip to the Philippines; all were keen to meet like-minded 30- and 40-somethings.Watch the video above to find out more about Flash Pack’s supper clubs, and see The Adobros in action.But whether you prefer the retro take on supper clubs or a more modern spin, Lawler said the heart of the supper club is "the comfort of the surroundings," which extends from the decor and the food to the service.Solo travellers now have the opportunity to meet like-minded people at specially tailored supper clubs around London.Greg Combs, chef/owner of Goose & Fox, wanted "to be mysterious and promote the exclusiveness" of his supper club.Combs' private dinners, held seasonally in the top floor of his apartment in Lincoln Park, work on the ticket presale business model.Travel company with a difference, Flash Pack, organises adventure holidays for solo travellers, and has now expanded its ‘Mini Experiences’ to include supper clubs where those using the site can get a taste of the country they’re travelling to and meet some fellow adventurers before setting off.


Flash forward to 2017 when the supper club has in some cases been re-envisioned as an exclusive, secret destination dining experience complete with private sign-up lists and pre-purchased tickets.

supperclub brings you a night full of spectacle, from exciting food concepts, exhilarating music, provocative performances to artistic visuals.

everyone plays a role, even you, and fills in the white canvas that is the supperclub.

Despite the name, the duo hold dinners not just on Sundays but 10 to 15 times a month at undisclosed locations in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood. "It's not so much about having an exclusive list," explained Kulp.

"If people email us, we are happy to put them on the list, but you can't just randomly get in to the dinners."To see them keep on coming through the years and getting to know them has been awesome."Brian Reynolds opened Millie's Supper Club in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood in 2015, naming it after his grandmother, "a Midwestern woman who loved sharing a good meal with friends and family." As a little boy, Reynolds recalls accompanying his grandparents to supper clubs for what he considers his first adult meal.


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