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(goto Shower1)rn Move in closer (Keisha 1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. (Keisha 1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. (Keisha 1) OR Back away before Keeley notices (goto Shower1)rn Keep licking Keisha`s pussy. OR Cum on her ENDrnrnshsha30rn Nuzzle Keisha`s ear. Also, some nice screaming and moaning, as we hear from Megan, for example, would have really improved the game for me. i think Keeley should either take anal or get pregnant or both on her next story The game is really good but it does not match the other two games with Keeley. love to play this game so much i suggest to make a lot game about daydreaming with more naughty act in public place maybe it`s about the girl who has daydream if she walk in the city naked ! and a lot of man stare at her wonderful boobs, and ofc they compete to fuck her !

(Keisha 1)rn Keep fucking Keeleyrn Have Keeley keep Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty)rn Keep pumping as you bend her Obligern Fuck her even harderrn Continuern"Keisha, I don`t think Keeley can take much more of this." (requires Hard difficulty)rn Change positionsrn Take a good look at Keeley`s Bend her leg Pump Watch Keisharn Have Keisha move fasterrn Continue (requires Keisha 9)rn Lie Energetically lick Keisha`s pussyrn Have them trade placesrn Have them kissrn Continuern Have Keeley push down on her Have them keep kissing while you fuck Keisharn Fuck Keisha harderrn Fuck Keisha even Cum inside Continuern ENDrnrnshsha1rn Rub Keisha`s ass some more OR Back away and let the girls continue. (Keeley -1; goto Shower1)rn Wonder what Keeley will do (requires Keeley 2/4/6)rn Continuern Continuern Have Keisha lick Keeley`s pussyrn Continuern Have Keisha press her face in Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty)rn Have Keeley grab Keisha`s headrn Continuern Continuern Continuern Continue (requires Hard difficulty)rn Finish with Keisha and go see Keeleyrn Kneel down next to herrn Touch your dick to her lips.rn"My turn."rn Push inrn See things from Keisha`s viewpointrn Pump hardrn Cum on her tits. There is not enough room here for me to say all the things I want to say about Keeley. Keisha is, I think, the most natural, earthy, and sexually wild of any of the female characters for this site. I thought that the scenes would have benefited from the opportunity to use cursor movement to modulate arousal for each of the characters.(goto Sink)rn Rub Keisha`s pussy with your hand (Keisha 1) OR Back away and let the girls continue. You sure are rocking that lingerie." (Keeley 1)rn"I`m sorry, Keeley. Gameplay froze on certain screens towards the end in the bathroom. The story line is so excellent, and the plot of daydreaming is even better. one of the best games around here (others are Keeley dating and Christine).(goto Sink)rn Continue (requires Keeley 2/4/6)rn Consider your optionsrn Wait Keeley. Let us make it up to you."rn Send Keisha See what she has to say. Keisha is my favorite girl and Keeley is lucky to have a friend like her. This game is definitely one of the more difficult ones but it`s totally worth it if you can lay both of them. I just finished the first game with Keeley (Date with Keeley) and now I see all my wishes from part 1 came true: A threesome with Keeley and Keisha after the aerobics and more interaction during the sex scenes! The graphics, and animations are magnificent, amazing, and breathe-taking. Amazing and sexy graphics, cool and challenging storyline, even the fact that there is no "undo" function is acceptable as the game stays sexy beautiful made game with excellent graphics and a lot of possibilities to go after."rn Slide it in..Fuck Keeleyrn Have Keisha join yourn Grab Keisha`s ass (Keisha 1)rn"Keisha, your ass feels as good as it looks." (Keisha 1)rn Ram your butt into Keisha when drawing out, then pound your dick into Fuck them harder.

(requires Hard difficulty)rn Turn her Enter Fuck herrn Keep fucking Keep fucking Stop thrusting for a momentrn Interrupt her by ramming it in extra hardrn Stay deep inside her and ride the Cum with her. "rn Ram it Fuck Pound her extra Keep poundingrn Pound her as hard and deep as you You feel your body start to Pull outrn Cum on their Finishrn ENDrnrnshle1rn Continue rubbing.

(END) OR Look over at Keisha (requires Keisha 2/4/6)rn"Keeley? (Keeley 1)rn Have Keisha lick Keeley`s pussyrn(whisper in Keeley`s ear) : Keeley, you have amazing tits." OR (whisper in Keeley`s ear) "Do you like it when I press our bodies together like this?


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