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- It was our “gateway drug” into the rabbit hole of improving our success with women and our lives in general.- Because this isn’t our specialty, we brought in our friend Anthony who has been seein In our episode 6, we continue the craziness with our HUGE group of our friends and delve deeper into topics about times we have caught feelings or have been hurt when physical relationships start changing into something more.-In our episode 5, we invited out a group of our friends to share their craziest one-night stand stories: there's interestingly twists that make each story fun and edgy: from 10-minute public sex to "I don't even know her name" to the typical "whatever ...

This podcast is about finding "the game" and how to stay motivated.


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    Then I had to sit back and have a conversation with myself and I had to say, 'That is something really horrible.' No, not horrible, I don't find it horrible, it's something that's very challenging.'The rising star - who is of English, Spanish and Jamaican descent - also admitted to the paper that she has been taken aback by the amount of abuse her new romance has garnered, including racist remarks.

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    Documents needed to request the registration of a birth: Translation of the original birth document (for a contact list of translators: Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC). If the parents do not reside in this consular jurisdiction, also provide proof of Italian citizenship of either parent (e.g.

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