Updating database from jtable

I'm using a Default Table Model which is constructed with 2 Vectors. JTable Binding j Table Binding = org.jdesktop.swingbinding. ELProperty.create("$")); column Column Name("Name"); column Column Class(String.class); column Binding = j Table Column Binding(org.jdesktop.beansbinding. If you want your table to be updatable you have to implement a fourth small method; it's easy.1 is the data Vector, the other for the column headings. I can update rows in database, but in j Table I see the changes only after I close the application and rerun it. This is my code: private void j Button4Action Performed(event. Client Driver"); Connection con = (Connection) Driver Connection("jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/Proiect","aneresia","aneresia"); int row Number=j Table1Selected Row() 1; // Statement stmt1 = con.create Statement(); // int rows Updated; Auto Commit(false); stmt1.execute Update("Update Carti set nume_autor='" j Text Field2Text() "' , pren_autor='" j Text Field3Text() "', nume_carte='" (String)j Text Field4Text() ... Collections.empty List() : persons Result List(); j Scroll Pane1 = new javax.swing. Swing Bindings.create JTable Binding( org.jdesktop.beansbinding. ELProperty.create("$")); column Column Name("Title"); column Column Class(String.class); binding Binding(j Table Binding); ..displaying this j Table, i call this method: private void inicializa Table Activo() public class Fornecedor Activo { private static Fornecedor Activo fornecedor; private Jdbc jdbc = new Jdbc("analise Financeira"); String sql = "select * from activo Financeiro order by nome asc"; public static Fornecedor Activo get Fornecedor() public ..ranches, i developed a program to display the files in selected directories or folders using jtree and jtable.. Statiques; public class Tab Presence Model Filtre extends Abstract Table Model { Date date Max; Date date Min; String shift; private Array List JTable update only partially successful Good afternoon. But for a complete understanding of JTables and their Table Models do as Norm suggested. But what I really needed was help and not picking the code apart. That wasn't "picking the code apart"; it was help, and while it may not have been in the specific form you're looking for, you'd do well to learn from it anyway if you plan to do any more coding in your life. some time ago i inquired about updating values in a JTable (database extract values). Therefore you are not updating anything other than the Table Model.but when i again choose another folder the new files get append with the last displayed files... Hi I have used Jtable to display the data in tabluar format with help of Abstract Table Model. For some operation (click button), I need to update the particular cell. I am using the following function to do the same in event handling function: j Table1Value At(celval, j Table1Editing Row(), j Table1Editing Column()); I have verified the values returned by celval( A String) , get Editing Row (gives the row number ... There are a couple points I'd like to make before the actual code: 1.) I've implemented ... A few people have similar problem but i still cant find solution. I have used a lock to mutually exclude the application from changing the data model and the JTable ... In the future Swing related questions should be posted in the Swing forum.Is there any option to update the Jtable in non editable mode (or how to make it editable then revert back the previous mode) and at the ...import javax.swing.table.*; import javax.swing.event.*; import *; import com.tibco.tibrv. I'm trying to figure out how I might be able to update my JTable data using a Timer. The issue and solution are similar to your previous thread: If you want to change everything in the JTable, create a new model and set the JTable's model to the new one. Hi all, I'm writing a GUI class derived from JFrame and that contains mainly this components: - a JSplit Pane, that contains - two JScroll Pane: - one surrounding a JTable, - one surrounding a JText Area On first initialization all runs ok, but when I update the JTable nothing change: can anyone know how to do this cleanly? how can i update my table automatically at run time so tat, my table is updated whenever a new object is entered into vector.. You should be creating a method in your Table Model, called "add Row(...)".


I have been reading information on JTables but I would really like help wiith how to achieve the following in an efficient way, I cannot find examples that seem to help my particular situation. Rooms, bookings and so on are retrieved from a database, and the logic for that seems to be working, only the j Table that is supposed to display the values doesn't update. Binding Group(); test PUEntity Manager = java.beans. i have no problem while choosing the folder for first time.. My problem is basically to dynamically update the contents of Jtable when an event (such as a button click occurs). I've adapted the original project to a simplified version that will allow me to post it all at once. Its been a long time since I messed with swing, but you will need to override sometype of listener. I am getting Array Index Out Of Bounds exception during update and I believe this is because the application is deleting rows during the update.

the gui subscribes to a jms topic and, upon consumption of a message, processes and propagates the changes required by the content of the message. After the input I will collect the table data by clicking a button.

However I found I can't get the correct value of the last cell of the table, because even though I clicked on the button, last cell of the table is still get focused, ... You need to read a table with SQL SELECT query, populate the result set into a JTable, maybe keep a copy of the origianl values so you can see what fields have been edited by the user, and then send an UPDATE SQL which updates the database. This is my first post - if this question is better suited to the intermediate forum, I apologize and will take it there.

If the user closes the application before tabbing out of the cell (or clicks onto another tab of a tabbed pane) , my code in Set Value At() is never executed. I am writing an Stock application, where data in every 2 second comes whether it is new data or the updated one. Either you'll have to monitor the table in intervals or you will have to make the database engine trigger an update.


I'd appreciate any suggestions on the best way to deal with ... The former will have the problem of being CPU intensive if the interval becomes too small, or not receiving updates in time if they are too large.

At that point, you could write any updated rows to the database.



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