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Note that if youre merging an entire catalog, you dont need to export the files. Get Photos command to import the files from the new folder into the destination catalog.Nor would you need to export if you could easily identify the files to be imported from the source catalog by, say, folder location. PSE will ask you if you want to import the keyword tags recorded in the files metadata (you do). Stack the imported files if they were in stacks or version sets in the source catalog.Use similar steps to copy the album hierarchy, using the Albums Properties command to write the Organizers catalog metadata to the selected files, including the date and time, caption, notes, and keywords.Beware that PSE 6 (and perhaps earlier versions) doesnt tell you if it cant write the data to the files, either because PSE doesnt know how to manipulate the file format, the file is files.) Note that the Write Keyword Tags command has a fair number of bugs and often doesnt write the metadata correctly; for a partial list, see: Use the free utility Export command to export (copy) the selected files into a new destination folder.A program developed for 32-bit Windows will be limited on Vista/Windows 7 64 to using no more than 2 GB of memory (infrequently, it can use 3 GB), the same as on Vista/Windows 7 32.There is still some advantage to having 64-bit Windows if you want to run other memory-intensive programs concurrently, since together they may be using more than 3 GB.


There are a number of factors other than processor speed that can have a bigger impact on performance: the number of cores (dual- or single-core), total amount of memory available, the size of the cache, the speed of the memory bus, speed of the disk.of the imported files based on visual similarity and date/time, and you can easily modify the suggestions before committing.Ive found it works pretty well for version sets created by routine photo editing.Microsoft distributes 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 on the same DVD, but who knows what Adobe Customer Support might do.

Adobe has a distribution agreement with Dell to sell PSE 7 preloaded on Dell XPS desktops that have Vista 64 only, implying that Adobe supports PSE 7 on Vista 64, at least on Dells.Note that you dont need to repeat this step on successive imports if the tag hierarchy hasnt changed.



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