Updating sony bdp s301 rsvpdating

Since I bought it used, and do not have warranty on it I figured I'd see if anyone here might know the problem before I pay to have it fixed. The message 'Cannot read disc' appears on the TV screen, and the unit does nothing. It sounds like a drive problem, but try unplugging it for a couple of hours and see if this solves the problem.

Even after the upgrade to 4.20 I am having this problem. Removing the standby electrical current for a while sometimes resets the unit. Denon AVR-887 Klipsch RP-5 Pwred Towers (mains) (525 watts peak each 12"Subs) All Klipsch RC-25(ctr),(2)SS1(surr),(2)SS1(rear Surr) Toshiba (2)HD-A20, PS3, BD35 For SACD/DVD-A Samsung HD-841 Panny 50pz80u plasma It sounds like a drive problem, but try unplugging it for a couple of hours and see if this solves the problem.

In addition to that, woe to the consumer who might get a relatively new, Blu-ray movie to play in it.

We put in (Ok movie, but slow paced) – it proceeds to play the previews, fine.

Again, we received (don’t waste your time) in the mail from Blockbuster.


I have tried updating with the new 4.20 firmware, and it is still not fixing the problem.Then it seemingly locks up for a few minutes on a screen with a progress bar that says “loading”. Briefly before the “loading” screen pops up again, it mentions that on older players it could take several minutes to load the menu.



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