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I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but came to North Carolina to finish my nurse practitioner degree at Duke. I am happy to see her, she listens so closely, thinks about what would be best for my particular symptoms, and offers sound strategies for me to try.I am married with a beautiful daughter and love to spend time with my family and travel. It is the first time in my life I have to wait for 10 mos to see a doctor. she has a pleasant disposition and is never in a hurry. my wife and I were very impressed with Victoria's knowledge and attention to my Parkinsons.I do a lot of work in piloting health care apps to patients.I study how the patients are using the apps, what’s working for them in changing their health care behaviors, and then I do a bit of work on the clinical work flow side, collecting data.I wasn’t able to grab them all at once and teach them, so as a result, I began to look at computer-based teaching for the nurses.It was at that time I recognized that technology can really help us in the workplace.


If you are uninsured, learn more about our financial assistance policy.Then as electronic documentation started, I already had some knowledge from my computer-based teaching, so I decided to go back to graduate school and pursue informatics as a career.That’s when the light bulb went off for me, realizing the importance of what technology and data can do to empower clinicians and make a difference in patient care.Essentially through those health care apps I am looking for how we can use these patient generated data to assist our clinicians and their work flows.

It’s a new area for me because when I first started over 10 years ago, it was more about how can we implement clinical systems for the providers?So from an academic and research perspective, I think it is very important. International perspectives on sharing clinical data with patients. I also am a triathlon coach, which gives a unique perspective because I have a bird’s eye view of what data athletes are collecting in their everyday lives.


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    DCJS has many teaching tools on its website under Missing Children/Safety for use when talking to children.

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