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Cray and Microsoft have announced a new HPC cloud solution that brings dedicated supercomputers into Azure datacenters.

Google’s Deep Mind team has reinvented Alpha Go, and this latest iteration was able to resoundingly beat the previous version that defeated Go champ Lee Sedol in 2016, by a score of 100 to 0.

Lenovo has quietly roared to the #2 position on the TOP500 with 92 supercomputers on the June 2017 list, up from zero in 2014.

Read more Purchasing HPC hardware and software, as well as time spent developing and supporting applications, involve numerous options and trade-offs, meaning that making optimal decisions is far from easy.

"I wish everybody every success in his or her scientific work, so that we will have an excellent basis to maintain the highest scientific level of the ELC meeting. " Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, Professor, Chairman of the ELC The 38th Scientific meeting of ELC will be held at the Evangelische Akademie in Tutzing, Germany, from September 07-10, 2015.

The meeting starts on Monday September 07, with registration open from 16.00, and a dinner at 18.00, followed by the Keynote Lecture.

Over the last several years, the realm of high performance computing has grown appreciably beyond its roots in scientific simulations.But the technology itself may provide the final solution.In an editorial posted on Intel’s news site, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced they would be releasing the company’s first AI processor before the end of 2017.Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer at Altair, thinks much of the value of exascale computing will be provided by machine learning and other data-driven techniques.


Firemap, a predictive modeling and mapping tool developed to track wildfires, is being used by California residents and first responders to help them deal with the deadliest wildfires in the state’s history.Scientific sessions continue throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, and until the close of the meeting on Thursday September 10, with lunch at 12.30, followed by departures.



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